Drapery Cleaning

Give your drapes a clean new look, and preserve the life of your investment by calling the professionals at New York Carpet Cleaner. We take pride in our customer service and superior quality work, and the best cleaning value available anywhere. We offer curtain and drapes cleaning services to both residential and commercial establishments. We employ only the best and highly trained professionals that will meet the cleaning requirements of your curtain and drapery needs.

We offer both on-site and off-site curtains and drapes cleaning. Our curtain and drapery services include:

  • Draperies
  • Cubicle Curtains
  • Privacy Draperies
  • Valences
  • Sheers
  • Blackout Draperies
  • Mini blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Other Types of Window Coverings
  • Other Types of Shades

Just like any other fabric, curtains and draperies trap in dust, dirt, dust mites and allergens. Over time this begins to destroy your valuable investment as it starts to break down. Being left to take down and re-hang heavy sets of curtains is reasonable concerns and often leads to curtains hanging and collecting dirt for many years before being cleaned. Unfortunately, that’s not good for the curtains or drapes because dirt not only becomes more difficult to remove with age but it can also undermine the basis of a fabric – leading to damage.

Let New York Carpet Cleaner take care of your wall coverings, because we fully guarantee against fabric warping and uneven heat distribution during the drying process. We use environmentally safe, eco-friendly citrus based cleaning products for a healthier home. We also use special dry cleaning compounds to clean and sanitize your wall coverings without exposing them to the potentially damaging effects of water and hot air drying.

New York Carpet Cleaner’s curtain and drapery cleaning services are guaranteed with professional state-of-the-art machinery. We will pick up your drapes and remove them. Then, within days we will clean them, deliver them and then install them. We use the latest equipment required to clean even the toughest of stained curtain fabric. We use some of the best and safe curtain and drapes cleaning processes, and non-toxic solutions so that your curtains and drapery will remain protected from any damage.

New York Carpet Cleaner is experienced and a professional curtain and drapes cleaning company who offer our customers a first class service with the highest standards in quality workmanship. We can help you with your curtain and drapery cleaning needs – so call us today to find out more!

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My home is a busy home. I have 4 kids that run around all day. They bring their friends and always in and out. Luckily we have a big back yard so I don’t have to worry and I know where they are. Most times we keep the door to the back yard open when it’s reasonable weather. Our carpets suffer from severe traffic, because shoes coming from the outside to indoors and across the carpet day-in and day-out run down the carpets. The carpets become dirty very quickly. Once every 6 months, I have to call New York Carpet Cleaner to service our carpets. They always do such a great job every time. They are always on time, always very friendly, and always thorough.
April Fuller​